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What factors will affect the life of aluminum doors and windows

- Jul 27, 2017 -

Aluminum alloy doors and windows in different circumstances, the service life will be greatly changed, in general, the impact of aluminum alloy doors and windows life there are many factors, we should learn to use aluminum doors and windows in the daily attention of these issues before they can Will extend the life of aluminum doors and windows. Here to see what the impact of factors.


First, in general, high-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows brand, such as Roland-style doors and windows, the product itself water absorption within 0.1%, while the use of double-sealed between the frame in the form of gaps are well Of the sealing tape, while the appropriate location in the frame set up drainage holes. This aluminum alloy doors and windows equipment, excellent sealing performance, no water and moisture, noise, but also has a good heat insulation effect, aluminum doors and windows of the frame material and glass will have a great impact on thermal conductivity.


Second, for the majority of aluminum alloy doors and windows manufacturers on the market, the choice of high rate of product is thin wall thickness of the product, which is to reduce the cost, the state has expressly provided aluminum alloy thickness should be more than 1.4 mm.


Third, the insulation is the most important part of aluminum doors and windows, the relevant provisions of the state must use the use of PA66 nylon, but the current aluminum alloy doors and windows on the market many manufacturers use cheap PVC plastic insulation, which is very serious Affect the use of aluminum doors and windows life.


Fourth, the consumer in the purchase of the time to try to buy the original original aluminum alloy doors and windows products, rather than the second spray to wear their own products, in general, can choose the color of the profiles are mostly secondary spraying their own products, products Quality and original original product is very different, so it is best to avoid buying.


Fifth, for aluminum doors and windows, the heat performance in the relatively good, good quality aluminum doors and windows also have the role of thermal insulation, so you can save part of the energy consumption. In the sound insulation performance, high-quality aluminum doors and windows can have a good sound insulation, the use of the indoor environment can be maintained in a relatively quiet state.


Sixth, the general use of aluminum doors and windows of the people will encounter a problem, then; aluminum doors and windows with a long time, the opportunity to appear the phenomenon of windows and doors aging, doors and windows hinge will be broken phenomenon, which makes the doors and windows There is not close the phenomenon. Generally encountered when the problem is to choose the door? Or replace the door frame together? In fact the first need to consider is to figure out the reasons for the deformation of aluminum doors and windows, and then the right medicine, so that the life of aluminum doors and windows longer.


The above is on the impact of the life of aluminum doors and windows related to the introduction, in fact, we buy aluminum doors and windows, we must fully select the quality, so as to be able to use a longer time.

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