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How to identify the insulating glass

- Jul 27, 2017 -

From the finished product to extract any piece of insulating glass, found that any of the following phenomena, consumers can determine it as a substandard product, and requested a return.

1. Using a blade to cut the two seals a section, if the cross section of a lot of small pores (small cell), which shows two possibilities, one is hand glue, will be wrapped into the air, resulting in bubbles; there may be a low level Technology to produce two sealant that is used to fight the plastic machine will appear stomata, as long as the cross-section of the pores of its life is certainly very short.

2. Using a blade in the hollow glass at any connection angle to open, see the connection angle with butyl rubber is not effective package. The actual theory shows. With the connection angle to do the double-channel sealed insulating glass, permeable path mainly in the four corners, the penetration rate of 70%, while the edge of the water permeability accounted for 30%. So as far as possible the use of continuous bending aluminum or butyl rubber on the four connecting angle for effective wrapping, can greatly extend the life of insulating glass, if not with butyl rubber on the four corners of the effective package, double sealed The practical significance is not large.

3. To cut a few centimeters into the sealed edge by a blade, and then hand seal the sealant to tear out. If the glass surface after tearing is relatively smooth, there is no residual glue, indicating that the sealant and glass surface without adhesion, then the sealing effect can be imagined.

4. (Not broken), if not polysulfide, the other two sealants have done compatibility experiments (must be done compatibility test, the use of standard molecular sieve, Otherwise it is likely to suffer infinite). Window frame seal If it is not a standard tape seal, but with ordinary silicone rubber seal, be sure to use the silicone rubber and hollow glass edge sealant to do compatibility test, otherwise it may endure infinite (some doors and windows installed The company buys the poor oil-filled silicone rubber to seal the window frame for a long time, and the mineral oil migrates out to erode the entire insulating glass seal system, which can be prevented by the fact that it will take some time to show it.

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