Unit Price Of 8.38mm Laminated Glass

Unit Price Of 8.38mm Laminated Glass

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Product Name

unit price of 8.38mm laminated glass


3+0.38+3mm,4+0.38+4mm,5+0.38+5mm,6+0.38+6mm,4+0.76+4mm,5+0.76+5mm,6+0.76+6mm etc or Customer request.


1220*1830mm,1524*2134mm,1830*2440mm,2134*3050mm,2134*3300mm ,2134*3660mm,2250*3300mm,etc or Customer Sized

PVB Color

Clear,White,Green,Blue,Bronze,Grey,Milk White,Red,etc

PVB Thickness

0.38mm,0.76mm,1.14mm,1.52mm, etc

Glass Color

Clear,Extra Clear,French Green,Dark Green,Ford Blue,Dark Blue,Bronze,Euro Grey, etc

Types of Product

Common transparency and colored laminated glass,coating laminated,tempered laminated,curved laminated glass,bulletproof glass and aquarium glass etc

Quality Standard



Glass doors,curtain wall of building,indoor partition,fence,elevator,showcase, stairs etc

Packing Details

1.Tempered Laminated Glass use Interlayer paper or plastic between two sheets

2.Seaworthy wooden crates

3. Iron belt and ooden anchor processed for consolidation

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